Portland Auto Accident and Injury Massage

Auto Accident Massage and PIP Billing

Experiencing an auto accident can be a physical and mental trauma with a wide range of possible outcomes. If you are physically injured it is extremely important to begin the process of healing as soon as possible. Time does take care of many injuries but often one has to be proactive and involved in the healing process by seeing doctors for evaluation and rehabilitation practitioners such as a physical therapist, chiropractor and a massage therapists to fully recover. The rehab process itself can be time consuming and overwhelming.

The most important aspect of your healing is to be consistent with your treatment and protocols. The Sports Massage of Portland has 15 years of experience working with auto accident clients and the insurance and billing associated with Personal Injury Protection. We can’t reduce the amount of time you will spend but we can try to keep it from becoming overwhelming. Below we talk about what you should expect when you walk into our office.

What happens when you walk in our office

Once you have set an appointment and arrived at our office you will begin by filling out a few pages of introductory paperwork. Here is what you will need.

1.) The date and state where the accident occurred.
2.) The insurance billing address and name of the adjuster where we will send the billing paperwork. This may be your insurance or the other
driver’s insurance involved in the accident.
3.) A claim number associated with your accident.
4.) Any doctors referral you have received which may also include notes relating to treatment protocols.
5.) The names and contact information of any other practitioners you are seeing related to your accident.

We will then go through a discovery discussion where you will talk about how the accident happened to understand the forces placed upon your body and the injuries you incurred so we can begin to create a treatment protocol for you.

In our first appointment we will be very conservative with our work so we can avoid causing irritation to the injured areas and understand your sensitivities and where you are at in the healing process. From that point on in future appointments we will slowly increase the intensity of the work where needed and in ways that do not irritate your injuries. In some cases we will contact your other providers to integrate treatments if needed.

Throughout this process we will be taking notes and administrating all of the paperwork and billing process for you so you can focus on healing.