Portland Auto Accident and Injury Massage



Regular Rates:  $70.00 / hour    $35.00/:30

This special Spring deal is to allow my current clientele to invite new friends and/or athletes of all types and levels into the practice of The Sports Massage of Portland. This limited one time offer of a promotional gift certificate is for a 1 hour massage for $45.00 for individuals whom are not currently a part of our practice. A perfect gift for those athletes preparing for or recovering from an event.

Please note: Upon your request, the gift certificate will be either emailed to you as a pdf within the day or snail mailed to you within one week of your purchase. Please let us know in the ORDER NOTES space at the bottom right of checkout page for whom the gift certificate is for if different from the purchaser and how you would prefer it delivered, email or post. The checkout page is the one where you will input your billing and shipping address.

This is offer is limited to the first 50 purchases and expires 1 year from the date of purchase.